03 November 2016

weight loss.pngWhilst in Turkey I’d lost a lot of weight, it actually probably wasn’t a lot, but it was a lot for me. Whenever I’ve tried to eat healthily in the past to shift a few pounds it never worked. But maybe that’s because I was doing it for the wrong reasons before. My ex would always say he liked the way I looked, but that was always followed by a “but” and that but was usually that I “could do with slimming down a bit.” Me being me, and being as stubborn as I am, took the attitude that if he didn’t like me he should leave me, which he eventually did over two years after he first told me that (SEE YA!) but I think as a result of his words, I just put on more weight. Whilst in Turkey I was drinking more water, exercising more as I was mainly walking everywhere round resort, and eating what is stereotypically classed as “healthy” ie salads, fruit, veg but of course there was a near enough weekly trip to my favourite cafe to get the best strawberry cheesecake on earth. So as a result, my work shorts which were too tight at the start of the season became way too loose and began to fall off of me. If it wasn’t for the fact I had a bum to keep them up, they would have been falling down all the time. However when I returned home my tummy soon started to bloat. I hadn’t put on any weight, I was actually still losing weight, but my tummy was growing in size every day.

The first day I started to be sick.

It was a Thursday and I’d been feeling ill all week, but I still went to work anyway. There were tummy bugs going around and colds so I just assumed it was one of them. But when I had to keep dashing to the loo feeling like I needed to be sick, and eventually was sick, I asked my managers if I could go home which they gladly sent me so I didn’t infect anyone else, which is air enough, especially when working in a food environment. 

I can’t remember who it was that picked me up from work but someone did as I didn’t feel like I could walk home and we managed to get an appointment with the “emergency doctor” at my surgery but it wasn’t till later that afternoon, all I could do was wait. 

When I got to the doctors I was in agony. My whole tummy was sore, and I hadn’t been to the loo in 30 minutes and was so worried about making it to the toilet in time as I didn’t know where the nearest toilets were or how to get to them. This was something I’d grown to need to know, and I started to panic inside if I didn’t know.pregnant-tummy

I went in to see the doctor and he asked if he could feel my tummy – reluctantly I said yes. At this point my tummy was still ridiculously bloated, I had tried to hold it in at work and wore “shaper” tights to try and hide it but nothing worked. It was agony, but little did I know it was just the start of many doctors prodding and feeling my tummy and something I’d just have to get used to. He started by feeling my upper abdomen, just under my ribs and I burst into tears, something he didn’t expect. Then he moved down both sides my of tummy, and the tears carried on. Then across my bikini line, again more tears, then up towards my belly button, where there were no tears just sobs from the pain of everywhere else hurting. 

He then asked if he could do a rectal examination and again reluctantly I said yes. A nurse came in and he did the examination and I thought him prodding my tummy was sure but this was so much worse. It just made me feel like I was going to mess myself, and there was a fair bit of blood after the examination. He then told me he thought I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anal fissure (tears in the anus) which was causing the bloated tummy, cramps and blood in my stools. He prescribed me some Fybogel to have twice a day and a cream to put on after every time I’d been to the toilet. I was going to the toilet 25 plus times a day at this point…

I collected my prescriptions (£16.80!!) and went home with the advice to return on Monday if I was either not getting better or if I had got worse.

Trying to take the first fibre drink was just vile. The only way I can describe it is, as a really strong flavoured, orange lucozade with a furry texture. Absolutely disgusting, and I had to try and have these twice a day. Needless to say, I struggled to keep it down, but it was one sachet down and twenty nine left to go.


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