07 November 2016

It was Monday and I still wasn’t feeling any better, I’d actually got worse and was struggling to keep anything down. When I started throwing up water every time I drank it I moved onto mint tea with a couple of sugars to stop me shaking so then at least it had a little bit of flavour, but it just came back up as well. I tried calling the doctors only to be told there weren’t any appointments available (as always). However when Mum got home from work and saw me, she was straight on the phone and I ended up with another appointment with the emergency doctor, but the surgery were reluctant to even give me that!

When I got to the doctors and I had to explain everything all over again as it was a different doctor (although everything was already on my notes as I could see it all typed up on the screen). I had to explain when my symptoms first started, where was sore in my abdomen, how much blood I was losing, what the blood looked like, how often I was going to the toilet, what my sick looked like, and then I mentioned I’d been living in Turkey for six months and the doctor took a sudden interest in that. She too, felt my tummy all over but she was more interested in where in Turkey I had been living and thought I might have picked up a bug out there or got some form of food poisoning that my body hadn’t quite shifted.

She ordered blood, urine and stool samples to be taken and prescribed me anti-sickness tablets and antibiotics but told me not to start taking the antibiotics until I’d stopped being sick, so had to wait for the to kick in first.

So I left the doctors with another couple of prescriptions, Mum left the doctors £16.80 lighter as she paid for my prescriptions, under the instructions to try eating ice cubes. I was advised not to eat solid food and just try to eat ice cubes for a few days, and if I wasn’t any better then to return again in 48 hours, so they can “put me on a drip”.

I couldn’t have my blood test that day as the blood clinic was closed for the day, so had to wait until Wednesday morning, the next morning someone could take me to the doctors as I was too weak to leave the house by myself. Dad took me and at this point I was still terrified of needles, so there were a few tears but nothing too major compared to the tears when I got a really bad cramp in my stomach. 

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