11 November 2016

Friday afternoon, and I had an appointment with the doctor to discuss my blood test results however this too was classed as an “emergency.” At this point I still wasn’t keeping anything down and the “ice cube diet” as I called it wasn’t working because I was still being sick.

I sat in the doctors where I again had to explain everything that was wrong with me, and again my tummy got poked about. At this point I just cried, it felt like nobody was listening to me about how ill I felt. I got the impression that everyone just thought it was stress because I know I personally don’t deal with stress in the best way, I may look like I do on the outside but not on the inside in the slightest.

My urine and stool samples came back all clear from whatever they were testing for, I didn’t pay much attention to be honest. However my blood tests came back with slightly raised inflammation markers, the important word here being slightly...

The worst part was when the doctor turned round to Mum and I and said:

“Oh sweetie you do look really ill, and I could admit you to hospital I suppose so they can put you on a drip but it will only make you feel better temporarily, it won’t find a solution in the long run. Come back in 48 hours if you’re not any better and we’ll see what we can do.”

So that was the third time hearing the same thing so Mum and I just left. What a joke. I had little faith in the doctors anyway for several reasons and this really wasn’t helping things.

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