14 November 2016

It wasn’t until the Monday evening that I saw a doctor again, because “I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.” Apparently my consultant (Dr Ralphs – the first of many) had been round the wards looking for me but I was no where to be found, he’d been looking on EAU, MDU and Langham, however I was never moved to Langham and was on Mersea instead. It was only when Mum and Dad complained to the nurses I’d been recently admitted and not seen a doctor in over 24 hours that they chased it up. What a brilliant start…

By this point I was still connected to a drip to try and get my fluids up, and I was also being given steroids (IV prednisolone) to try and bring the inflammation down and possibly some other drugs as well. They weren’t sure on a diagnosis, but I had only seen the doctor once, all they knew was that it was Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but they didn’t know if it was Crohn’s or Colitis. 

I’m not entirely sure how, but for some reason I ended up with another cannula by the end of the day. I started off with a pink one in my right arm but my arm started to swell and became really sore, but they wouldn’t take it out. At this point my veins were tiny, but they were “good” and didn’t collapse every time a needle was near me. So I got a blue cannula in my left hand to go with the pink one as well. I think it might have been because I needed to be attached to several different bags of fluids, but I’m not really sure. I don’t remember much, only know all this from looking at the time stamps from pictures on my phone!

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