16 November 2016

I was eventually moved to Langham ward on the 15th, still to a private room because I was being sick so much, despite the anti-sickness medication. If I wasn’t being sick, I was dashing two doors down the corridor with my drip stand to the toilet so still didn’t feel like I was on the mend so to speak. The anti-sickness medication (cyclizine) combined with my steroids (prednisolone) was brilliant. They mainly administered them at the same time (every six hours), or whenever I was feeling sick if it was between doses. The steroids would wake me up and they’d kick in about 20 minutes or so after being flushed through my IV, but then the anti sickness would knock me out within 30 minutes or so. I’d literally go from being “normal” to wide awake and all bug eyed, and then with the click of your fingers I’d be spaced out and ready to sleep. But after a 20 minute nap I’d wake up okay again, waiting for the next dose to prevent me from being sick any further.

twin-twin-twinThe evening I moved to Langham ward I FaceTimed a close friend of mine in Turkey, the time difference wasn’t much of an issue because I was wide awake at all silly hours anyway. Whilst I was in Turkey everyone seemed to think Bea and I were twins for several reasons and we became quite close I’d like to think. I was rather jealous of her still being there, especially as she told me it was still in the 20s temperature wise and I was in a freezing cold side room with no radiator and paper thin windows! It was so good to speak to her and her fiancé though and it got me planning my next holiday, although realistically I now don’t think it’s going to happen as it’s a little bit unrealistic right now, but the thought was there and it was something to look forward to when I got out of hospital!

It was that day that I finally stopped being sick after what seemed like an eternity. Granted, I was still dashing to the toilet more than 30 times a day (yes it really was that many – Dr Gooding (my consultant at the time) made me keep a “poo diary” recording everything about what was coming out my body and how frequently) but if I was no longer being sick then that was something because it meant it was one less way I was losing nutrients. It also made me feel like I was getting better, finally. How wrong was I though!

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