10 January 2017

I’m slowly going insane being off of work and still not able to do much. I have good days, and bad days. It seems to be that after a good day, a bad day or two follows, which sucks, because it never feels like I’m actually making any progress!

But last week Callam was back in Colchester, briefly, and we visited Canterbury for a few days to get me out of Colchester. It was really sweet, he planned a surprise few days away, wouldn’t tell me where we were going but said it was somewhere I liked. I was worried about being in the car for a long period of times because I’m still getting used to how frequently I need to empty my stoma and what clothes I can / can’t wear with it. But it didn’t take very long to get there at all. I’ve a terrible habit of falling asleep in the car for journeys more than 20 minutes but I did my best to stay awake all the way there, although his music taste isn’t much to go by…

We stayed in a really cute cottage, just down from Canterbury West so near to the centre as walking is still an issue for me. We didn’t do much whilst we were there, there’s not much I can do to be honest!

IMG_1276The first day we were there we had coffee at the cottage then ventured into town for some breakfast. It was just before lunch by the time I’d managed to walk there but we still fancied breakfast, and most places had stopped serving till we came across a tiny cafe called Kitch. We went in, ordered drinks, then I looked around at everyone’s food and the menu and it was full of seeds, , and everything healthy. I wanted to cry because there wasn’t much on the menu I could eat, but I knew Callam had thought about these few days a lot and didn’t want to cry and ruin it. I chose my breakfast, had to chop and change things a bit (a lot) but I really enjoyed it. Was nice to go out and be able to do normal couple things and just spend time together.

But we went to the cinema a couple of times to see Silence and Assassins Creed. I wouldn’t recommend Silence – I fell asleep in it because I was bored, and it was also gone 11pm and I was tired because I’m an old lady like that! However Assassins Creed was good. Other than the visits to the cinema, the few days was full of food (low fibre of course) and shopping at Blue Water (him not me, of course!) I made it half way round Blue Water before my knees started to go, and then once we were in the car on the way back to Colchester, that was it. I was out for the count. Callam being the mean person that he is, took some rather unattractive photos of me that he said he’s planning on using against me at some point… How lovely!

FullSizeRender-9.jpgOverall it was a really good few days, and just what I needed. It made me feel “normal” again, even if I am still taking 10 plus tablets each morning.

A few days after New Year, I’d gone back to the doctors because I was starting to pass more blood from my back passage and feeling like I need the toilet, even though I don’t. That along with the cramps, led to my doctor to put me back on the dreaded pred – this time a higher dose of 40mg to gradually reduce. I cried when he told me he thought I was in another flare and that the drugs still in me from hospital were slowly leaving my system so symptoms were starting to show themselves again. IMG_1261

He said he wasn’t sure though so would write to my consultant and ask for me to have a consultation to confirm this. I hope I’m not in another flare, but I’ve a horrible feeling I am.

It’s not all bad though, because this evening, I took my sharps box to Boots and handed over all 28 empty Clexane needles – HALLELUJAH! It’s only a small achievement in the grand scheme of things, but I’m so proud of the fact that I managed to complete the course, with Mum helping only once! Good bye bruised legs! I won’t miss the injections, some nights I struggled to get the needles to pierce my skin. I could get it to prick the surface, but couldn’t press it down far enough into my flesh, ew.

clexane 3 clexane 4

clexane 2


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