23 January 2017


23 on the 23rd… Getting old!!

O21st-birthdayver the weeks before my birthday everyone has been asking me what I want to do, but all I could think was “be happy.” The last couple of birthdays of mine have been filled with tears due to arguments and all I knew was that I didn’t want a repeat of them. 23 isn’t that much of a special number, but I just wanted it to be different to previous years… 21 however is seen as a special birthday, and although I spent it in the gorgeous city of Marrakech, riding a camel through the suburbs, the memories of that are tainted by the arguments and tears that followed later on and for the rest of the holiday. Then last year I went to London and the Natural History Museum, a brilliant day, but again, tainted with arguments and tears int he evening. So yeah, they kind of sucked and all I wanted from anyone was for this birthday to be completely different to the last couple. Thank goodness it was!

I’d had the best week beforehand, as I’d caught up with a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. Admittedly, it has hectic and has tired me out but the only way to get back to being your old self is by doing what you would usually do. Sot hat’s what I’ve been trying!

But at thebirds at zoo.JPG weekend I went to the zoo! I love the zoo! At first I was worried about how much walking there would be because Colchester Zoo doesn’t exactly have the flattest of terrains, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I should just go and forget everything else. It was my birthday and it’s what I wanted to do. If I got 15 minutes in and was too tired, I could sit down and have a coffee till I felt well enough to keep going, so why not! I’m so glad I stuck to it and went because I had the best time. There were parts that wore me out, like the hill where the wolves are, but I did it! It’s funny how little things like walking up a hill become such huge senses of achievements when you’re ill…

I also went out for dinner, another thing I was slightly anxious about. We’d decided to go to a steakhouse, for some strange reason I wanted a nice juicy steak. I used to hate steak, so that was weird that I wanted one, but that never happened because we didn’t think to book a table.. Oops! So we ended up at an Italian and it was just as yummy!

memoirs.jpgEarlier in the week I’d been to the doctors about something unrelated to IBD, and I’d just happened to ask my doctor what the side effects of drinking whilst on prednisolone would be. He’d said that as long as it wasn’t binge drinking, there shouldn’t be any, it just depends on each persons tolerances. So I took that as I was allowed to have a drink or two, after all it was my birthday weekend and I was too ill to properly enjoy Christmas. So we shared a lovely bottle of white wine with dinner then headed to a fancy cocktail bar afterwards, however I stuck to two glasses of wine and a cocktail as I didn’t want to push it too far having not had a drink since October!

On the Sunday I went to the cinema to see La La Land! I was in favour of going to see Moana, but someone refused to go and see it for the third time so I’m choosing the film next time! All in all it was a good film though, and then the weekend was finished off by having a curry with my family.

Although there was no travelling afar involved in this birthday, I can whole heartedly say that I loved every minute of it and I hope that all birthdays from now on feel like this. 

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