24 February 2017

Not much has been going on recently that really deserves to have a blog post dedicated to it. I’m still struggling with accepting my stoma. I still hate it. But the fact that Callam doesn’t hate it, makes me hate it a little less because he’s just accepting of it. It is, unfortunately, part of who I am now and unfortunately I cannot change that. 

I’ve got an appointment on March 16th to discuss the opportunity to reverse my stoma so that’s been playing on my mind. I know there are several options for reversal, and although they were all made to sound fairly simple whilst I was in hospital, I’m sure they’re not and I need to know everything before I make a decision. 

I know it’s a month away, but I’m still off of work and there’s not much else to do. I’, mentally rearranging my room on a daily basis. I’ve chosen my dream wardrobe, however that is another £1,000 and I already owe Mum and Dad around the same amount so I feel like paying them back is a priority money wise. 

Maybe my next post I’ll feel a little more upbeat and have a bit more to say… Who knows. Each day is a rollercoaster these days.

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