19 April 2017

I’ve learnt my lesson. When my stoma nurses tell me not to eat something, they really do know what they’re talking about!!

I’ve been a bit risky this week food and fibre wise and last night I ended up paying for it.

IMG_2565I started the week by going for dinner with my best friend Ashley! We’ve both been feeling kinda down recently (for different reasons!) so dinner and a chat was needed! Neither of us wanted to venture too far so we went to Chiquito’s as it’s just over the road from me. We both said we weren’t very hungry but still ended up spending £40 (?!) between us on a selection of food.

It was yummy, but in hindsight I made some pretty stupid decisions food wise, and Karen really would kill me if she knew what I’d eaten! I had nachos (with cranberries, onions, sweetcorn and tomatoes), a couple of onion rings and halloumi with (more) cranberry salsa! It tasted amazing but I know the sweetcorn was a very risky move. I’ve been told that you don’t digest sweetcorn which is why it can be an issue coming through an ileostomy, but I wasn’t expecting it to come out looking EXACIMG_2566TLY like did when it went in. So strange…

Then on Wednesday I had peppers with dinner. Again, sorry Karen! Peppers seem to give me a bit of grief every time I eat them whether they’re cooked or raw, peeled or not, so I think I’m just going to avoid them from now on! I tried chewing them really well – to the point where the food in my mouth had a baby food consistency – but then it just ruins the taste. But I was still in a bit of discomfort the next day.

IMG_2567.JPGFriday we had my favourite, CHINESE TAKEAWAY!! I took some risks here again and had a fizzy drink without my usual citrus addition and stirring.

I may have mentioned it before but I usually try to let a fizzy drink stand for five minutes or so before I drink it. Either that, or I stir it or add some lemon / lime juice or wedges as all of these reduce the fizz in the drink. I do this because the bubbles that go in, must come out. Bubbles coming out are just gas (farts) and that leads to a ballooning and potentially exploding stoma overnight which really isn’t fun!

So the Chinese was risky again… Rice which I call a “safe food” but I also had noodles with bean shoots, along with my fizzy drink.

IMG_2619By the time it got to Sunday we had Christmas 2.0 and I had a rather big meal with plenty of veg. Yummy at the time, but that’s when the problems started.

I had a cramp start on my left side, just below my belly button, on Sunday which then started to move along. As my stoma was still working I didn’t think it was anything to be worried about and just assumed it was because I was back at work and being more active than usual. However by yesterday (Tuesday) the cramps had got a lot worse, and I was considering a potential trip to A&E to get things looked at as my stoma output had slowed right down.

Good news though… I didn’t end up needing a trip to hospital! I think the combination of high fibre foods along with the fizzy drinks and my pesky vitamin B12 tablets was just bit too much for my small bowel to handle. I’ve had trouble with my B12 tablets before, and not absorbing them properly, as in they literally come out whole and I think everything I’d eaten that week that I shouldn’t have done was just a bit too much! 

That evening another B12 tablet came out whole… 13 HOURS after I took it. My digestive system is usually 4-5 hours so the fact it took double that was a little concerning, but also good because it meant my body might have actually been absorbing more nutrients from the food I had eaten. 

However I have made the decision not to take them anymore because they’re not being absorbed on a much more frequent basis now, and the cramps aren’t nice at all. I don’t want to go back to needing to take paracetamol just to get through the day so I’m going to talk to my GP about any alternatives I can take!

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