06 May 2017

I went to work today after a couple of days off and boy was it a struggle to get through my shift, however it was so good to go out and feel like a normal 23 year old!

My best friend Ashley went to Worcester for university. She graduated in 2016 but one of her housemates graduates this year so she invited Ash up for “dissi demo” a term that was literally like a foreign language when Ashley first mentioned it to me. So, we had a road trip and we went to Worcester for a couple of days!

IMG_1909.JPGIt started off like any other road trip should, a lovely coffee and some food before we got on the road. Ashley forgot to get a stirrer but before I could say I’d go and get one, she got a spoon out her bag (god knows why she had a spoon in there!) and started stirring her coffee. I don’t know why I was so surprised at this to be honest, I’ve known Ashley for 6 years and there’s no other way to describe her than, she’s just Ashley.

After she’d given her coffee a good stir we were on the road and heading north. It got to around 4pm and the sat nav told us there was a quicker way… Through Birmingham centre rather than round the edge so we thought “hey let’s take it.”

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.


This “short cut” added an extra hour onto our journey. We went all through the centre of Birmingham, past DWP, past the Bullring and round by Cadbury World. So the short cut ended up being a detour.

By the time we got to the house in Worcester, the girls had a BBQ going and it wasn’t long till our food was all ready and we could tuck in. I was worried about being ill or having a leaking stoma whilst I was there so I was careful with what I chose to eat and drink – we even bought some lemons from Waitrose so I could slice them up and put them in any fizzy drinks I wanted!


Asking for a slice of citrus in drinks when you’re out though is a little more complicated and you generally get looked at like a bit of a weirdo, so I just opted for using my straw to stir my drink plenty to get rid of the bubbles. If I’m on a night out at home, I’m not too bothered. Yeah, admittedly it isn’t fun when your bag explodes at 5am but it’s not the end of the world because you’re at home. But the thought of having that happen whilst I was staying round someone else’s put me on edge. I was so scared it would happen!!

I’d forgotten what it was like to go to a house party, of sorts, because it’s been absolutely years since I last went to one. I wouldn’t necessarily count it as a house party, but there were plenty of people there so it felt like a party, when actually it was just pre-drinks. Naturally, it was full of false lashes, glitter, loud singing and plenty of shameless snapchat selfies. I had taken two dresses with me, but somehow managed to spill my drink down one so had to wear my second choice. I was slightly more conscious in this one because it was very different for me, but I could still wear my over the knee boots because the cold doesn’t do my joints any favours!


The following day though we all felt slightly delicate so went to Harvester for lunch before we all

 headed in separate directions to go home. Again, Ashley and I stopped off for a cake, coffee and some water then went on our way. 

Ashley’s sister lives in Leicester so we decided to call in and say hi on our way back. We went for more food, an Indian in the end because of the terrible customer service we received at the Table Table we originally planned on going to, but the Indian was amazing so I’m not too bothered about the first place. 


By the time we left Leicester it was nearly 10pm and I was in work for 7am so wanted to try and get some sleep in the car on the way back. But one of the main roads was closed. There were diversion signs in place but the sat nav would just carry on talking and we’d end up joining the closed road again later on so I tried to stay awake and help Ashley navigate us back to Colchester in the pitch black. Neither of us had any idea where we were really, but then I saw a sign for Duxford and thought if we could get there, then worst case scenario I could call my Dad and he could direct us as my Aunt lives just down the road from there and he’d know the way back.

We eventually got home just after 1am which is why I was so tired today. But it was a brilliant couple of days and I survived a night of drinking with students and a lengthy 9 hour shift today. I’m not entirely sure how I did it, but that’s irrelevant. The point is, I did it.me and ash

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