30 May 2017

Today marks six months since I was wheeled down to theatre two for an emergency colectomy.

Today marks six months since my life changed for the rest of my life.

Today marks six months since I was able to start getting my life back.

A lot can happen in six months.

That’s where my life was six months ago. I’d spent three weeks as an inpatient. I’d tried six different medications to try and save my life, none of which worked. I’d had at least 30 blood tests (if not more), 24 abdominal x-rays, 2 chest x-rays and an ultrasound. My body was starting to reject cannulas and my veins were bruised and scarred. Despite being able to eat more, I was still skin and bones. I’d lost two stone in weight, but my face was the roundest it had ever been thanks to the steroids I’d been on. I was taking in excess of 15 tablets a day, along with IV paracetamol (every four hours), IV steroids (every six hours), IV antibiotics (twice a day), IV immunosuppressants (over eight hours, continuously for 4-5 days), IV potassium (continuously for 36 hours) and IV fluids in between everything else.

None of these worked. My body was still giving up, and I was still dying.

But that was six months ago.

In the last six months I have travelled to places old and new – Canterbury, Chester, Marmaris. I have gone back to work – FULL TIME. I have made new friends, thanks to instagram and other social media platforms which have helped me significantly. I’ve reconnected with old friends. I have also lost friends along the way. I’ve even (finally) plucked up the courage to get my belly button pierced! The last six months have been a rollercoaster, and boy am I still riding it! 

I may still hate my stoma and the fact I have colitis – but I don’t think anyone is happy to be told they have colitis. It sucks, but life goes on.

Life may take your gut, but it also takes guts, and you’ll come out the other side a lot stronger than you ever thought you could be.

Thanks for saving my life.




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