12 June 2017

IMG_1102.JPGSaturday involved a lot of rushing around. I had Walk It in London but then also had an Olly Murs concert in Colchester that evening. I knew I’d be tired and need a nap in between the two so it was rushing back from London and allowing myself enough time to nap, and eat before heading to the concert.


I’m still struggling with my knees so I was also a bit worried about how they would cope because I’d done a lot more walking than I had since before coming home from Turkey, and the concert was outdoors. I’ve always had trouble with my knees when the cold gets to them, even little things such as work. I work in a drive thru coffee shop, and if it’s cold in the morning and I’m on the drive thru window then I always feel it in my knees later that afternoon. It’s something I’ve always had a few troubles with which unfortunately has just been heightened the last few months.

I had a brilliant time at the concert. I’d napped beforehand so I was feeling refreshed and danced as best I could but admittedly towards the end I was really struggling with my knees. Mum had to help me hobble back to the car they were that bad. I must have looked like a crazy fan who was crying because the concert was over!



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