07 July 2017

IMG_0145.JPGSo today was my close friend’s hen do! We went out for dinner, then headed to a club in town for a cocktail making class and a night out! I had the best time, and definitely enjoyed making the cocktails!

I was a bit anxious about dinner as I’ve not been to Prezzo since having surgery. My diet is still quite restricted and I hate being that awkward person that goes 

“can I have this… but without this, this, this and this?”


The looks you get from waiters / waitresses when you do that. You just know that you’re going to be the customer they complain about and all the chefs hate!

I played it safe and went for a tomato and chicken pasta. There were no chunks of tomato which was good, and I asked for it without the onions and peppers so wasn’t too bad. It was actually really yummy! 

IMG_0130.JPGThen after dinner we headed to the club for the cocktail making class! My favourite one was a prosecco based drink (I don’t even like prosecco but it was yummy!) however no one else seemed overly keen on that one so I must have had about 6 glasses of that because everyone seemed to pass me theirs. I also had a few glasses of Sex on the Beach too, but as I’d eaten a big meal I thought I’d be okay.

I was expecting to wake up with a really bad hangover but I surprisingly felt okay, I put it down to having a decent sized meal beforehand! I’ve not really had many proper nights out since surgery. I had a couple of dinners with wine when I was with Callam but he always drank the best part of the bottle because I was too worried about how quickly I’d get drunk now I’m missing 5ft of my bowel!


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