11 July 2017

This last week has been a bit of a hectic one so far! There’s been a hen party, an overnight stay in hospital, and I’ve still got a wedding to attend!

IMG_1639Fast forward three days from the hen do… I was in excruciating pain. It felt like someone was ripping, stabbing, gripping, pulling apart and squashing my bowel. The only times I’d had pains like this (after surgery) were in December and March. Both times I’d called 111 and they’d booked me a doctor’s appointment and I’d just been told it was healing pains. Eight months on from surgery I wasn’t convinced it was just healing pains, because surely they shouldn’t make you collapse?

IMG_1637Mum and Dad took me up to A&E where we spent 2 hours waiting to be seen, before they even took a blood sample from me. During that time I’d collapse in the waiting room every now and then with these pains that came over in waves. When they happen, the go from 0-60 in seconds, one minute I’m fine and the next I’m crying on the floor. It sounds extreme, but that’s the reality of it. Because I didn’t know when the pains were going to happen, they found me a lovely wheelchair to be taken around the hospital in, just in case I collapsed again.!

When my bloods had finally been taken and came back as clear I was then given some oramorph and sent for a chest and abdominal x-ray, both of which came back clear and as nothing to worry about.

IMG_1665However because I was worried about my stoma output (it was hardly working) I was kept in overnight until the gastro surgeons were back on shift in the morning and someone could see me. The picture on the left shows my bag, ten hours after last emptying it. TEN HOURS. I wouldn’t class my stoma as high output, and I know I use the midi bags. But still. That should have filled up.

I don’t know which surgeon it was I saw – I’d said I was under Mr Tutton’s care but I saw a blonde female instead. I didn’t really like her. She came into my cubicle poked my tummy, simply said these things happen and told me I was being sent home. Still none the wiser as to what was actually causing the pains.

However, I have learnt that when hospital say they are getting your discharge letter ready, that actually means you’ll be going home at some point today, but not for a good few hours yet!

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