14 July 2017

So I was discharged from hospital a couple of days ago. The verdict was that I’d just had a little bit too much fun at the hen do, and the mixture of orange juice and prosecco in the cocktails I was drinking all night just aggravated my gut a liiiiittle bit too much. So my nurses advised me to avoid prosecco and citrus juices (in excess) for the time being whilst things settle down. However… A glass or two won’t do any harm!

It was my friends wedding yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. I’ve known Sophie and Pete for a couple of years now – I used to work with them at Costa and it’s how they met.

IMG_0125But before I could enjoy their day I had an outfit nightmare. My dress broke. DILEMMA!

I’d ordered it from Boohoo a few months ago for my now ex’s Mum’s wedding and back then I was slimmer and the night before Sophie and Pete’s big day I went to try it on with my shoes and bag and the zip just broke every time Mum did it up. It was 9pm and too late to order anything, there wasn’t anything in Sainsbury’s so I had to find something in my wardrobe. Thankfully, I found a dress that wasn’t black or grey and covered Sally nicely with some good ol’ spanx, but I was a bit upset that my other dress had broken. Maybe one day I’ll fit into it again, who knows! A bonus of the alternative dress was that it was long sleeves so even when I pulled them up to my elbows, they covered up the bruises I had acquired from my cannula and blood tests.

IMG_0067After the dress drama I was able to enjoy the day. As Sophie and Pete had met at work, the whole day had hints of coffee going through it, from the tables being named after drinks, to coffee beans being scattered on the table and the centre pieces being made with coffee beans as well. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into the tiny details and it was just perfect for them.

Sophie looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle in her dress which was made by a friend of hers! And the bridesmaids looked beautiful in their bright red dresses. Of course not forgetting their gorgeous little boy looking adorable as always in his suit, and Pete looked rather handsome too. The whole day was just simply beautiful.

IMG_0044I was really enjoying myself until my tummy became really itchy at the table during the meal. It was a burning sort of itching, a burning that I know all too well means my bag has leaked. So I dashed to the toilets as quickly as I could and managed to save my clothes from a net disaster. However because I was wearing a floaty dress I had to completely strip in the toilets to change my bag as I didn’t want to risk it getting ruined!


After the bag fiasco, it was back to the party for more food and drink. Not going to lie… I did have a couple of glasses of prosecco, but it was literally just two and spread out throughout the course of the day so thankfully my tummy wasn’t too much of an issue.

I left the party a little earlier than others as I was tired and had work today so needed to get some sleep but I’m so glad I was well enough to watch Mr & Mrs Lant start the next chapter of lives together.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 16.43.40.png


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