21 August 2017

IMG_2284Last weekend I went to V Festival – Chelmsford with my friend Fiona. I’ve known Fiona for 11 years now, we met way back when I was in year 8 and she was in year 7. She’s one of those brilliant friends who you may not see all the time, but when you do see them it’s like nothing has changed. She was originally meant to be going to V with her boyfriend but when he couldn’t get the time off work she asked me if I wanted to go instead and obviously the answer was yes! As the time for the festival got closer we started seeing ads on Facebook for VIP upgrade and we thought why the hell not?! I’m lucky I’m still able to experience things like this so yeah, let’s go VIP. Another £100 later… But it was amazing.

IMG_2498Fiona has always been the one who’s slightly more girly, more into glitter, hair, make up and all the stereotypical girly things but this year it has been all about unicorns, mermaids and glitter so that’s exactly the looks we went for!

I’m a bit of an awkward dress size at the moment and am still really conscious of Sally. There’s so many clothes I love out there, but they’re designed for size 10 bodies, not bodies that are a size 14/16 with a bag full of poo stuck on them. But I found my outfits and felt surprisingly confident in them! Saturday, I went for a floaty playsuit and then Sunday was a glittery body suit and shorts. Both outfits that concealed Sally, but didn’t restrict her so much that there would be a potential explosion.

Getting to the festival was fine, although it was an early morning to make sure the lashes and glitter were all applied sufficiently. Then it was finding our way around and having a general look around before Busted started. 


IMG_2290.JPGThings were going well, Sally was behaving, we were enjoying ourselves and there was a break between acts so we headed back to VIP to grab an alcoholic ice lolly or two, and go to the toilet (obviously not at the same time!) but that’s when we realised there was no water in the ladies toilets… They were turning the water off and alternating between having it on in the ladies and the mens. Not exactly ideal but thank god for antibac! However it doesn’t help when you need to empty your stoma. So I thought no problem, that’s fine, I’ll just change my bag instead as I had supplies with me in case of leaks. Next dilemma – there were no bins. No bins for sanitary towels, or bins in general so I didn’t know what to do.

IMG_2308Thankfully, Fiona had her head screwed on a bit more than me. My brain just started to panic where as Fiona suggested finding St John’s Ambulance and explaining things to them. Only issue being… St John’s Ambulance weren’t where they were shown to be on the map. But we found them eventually, it was a really well hidden door right next to the main stage. We spoke to the lovely people there and they said i could go back and use their toilets whenever I needed to, which later on I did. That was an experience… Trying to change a stoma, in a port-a-loo, wearing a white playsuit. I really didn’t think that one through every well. At the time Jess Glynn was on the main stage and the loo was literally shaking with the bass going through it. But I did it, somehow!

All in all I’d say that Saturday was a success. By the time it came to the end of the evening we were both starting togged cold so watched Steve Aoki for a while, then Pink for a few songs and a quick stop at Rudimental before we caught the train home ready for round two on Sunday!

IMG_2335 IMG_2316 FullSizeRender 3 IMG_2337









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