22 August 2017

FullSizeRender 7So it was time for round two!

Fiona and I were both tired and both ached when we were getting ready but we maxed out the glitter and were soon on our way to Chelmsford.

When we arrived we figured we’d have plenty of time to grab some breakfast from the Subway near the station before we went to get the bus. I was having some pains in my tummy and knew it was going to be a bad flare day so I thought it was best to go to the loo before we left. It was a disabled toilet, the only one available, and usually I’m not embarrassed by using them. But as I was sat on the loo waiting for my body to decide what the hell it was doing a group of girls starting banging on the door, trying to open the door and shouting for me to “hurry up.” Those of you with IBD will know that when you feel panicked it just makes the flare so much worse because you feel pressured so I just took my time. They sounded mid-teens and they sounded like they’d been drinking. It was when the comments about it being a disabled toilet started that I got really wound up. So as I was leaving the toilet I simply said to them, “not every disability is visible you know” then I finished my breakfast and we were on our way to Highlands Park!

IMG_0091.JPGFiona and I had learnt from the day before about the free cloakroom in VIP so we’d taken some warmer clothes for the evening so we checked them in, then sat on the grass waiting for the first act to join the stage.

About half way through the day though, my stomach pains returned and I knew they weren’t flare pains. I’ve learnt that when it’s a flare pain, it feels like a period pain, but also in my bum because of where your rectum is positioned inside you. These pains that I started feeling were the sort that and me in hospital the previous month. So I did everything I could, buscopan, paracetamol and oramorph to keep them at bay.

IMG_2398.JPGIMG_2394.JPGIt was when we were watching Jason Derulo that Fiona could tell they were going to get bad and she marched me to St John’s Ambulance. They remembered me from yesterday so said I could sit by the side of the stage and see what happened whilst I was waiting for the pain relief to kick in.

Sure enough, the pains happened and I was soon curled up in a ball, and soon enough they passed. But I knew once they started I just had to ride the pains out.

They started taking my blood pressure and temperature and then Fiona screamed, I thought something had happened like a wasp had stung her but it was just Jason Derulo ripping his shirt off on the main stage!

IMG_2396I stayed perched under a table until the end of his set (I was under the table as the bass was a little less under there for some reason) and then they sent me to the Field Hospital, in an ambulance. It was kinda of cool driving round the backstage area of V and we were celeb hunting but unfortunately didn’t see anyone.

FullSizeRender 8.jpgOnce we were at the Field Hospital we were surrounded by green with everyone from St John’s Ambulance hurrying around looking after various people. Safe to say, I was their only conscious patient they had, and probably one of a handful of patients they had all weekend who was there for something other than substance related. 

IMG_2401I was given some more buscopan, then an injection of buscopan and I was also given some diazepam to stop the pains from happening. Eventually, they did. However this was about four hours after the first one so we’d missed a chunk of performances which I still feel bad about now as Fiona is a huge Stormy and Krept & Konan fan (sorry Fiona!). I was happy the pains had stopped because they were talking about sending me to Broomfields Hospital if they continued, but also saying that they probably wouldn’t treat me as I’m under investigation by Colchester General. Thankfully it never came to that though and so Fiona and I started the long walk back to the main arena and made it back just in time for Stormzy’s last couple of songs.

IMG_0201.JPGWe had planned to go and see Example and a few other artists but Fiona didn’t want to go in the dance tent considering the diazepam had made me a tad spacey (completely understandable!) so we chilled around the edge and waited for Jay-Z to start!

He was late.. And there wasn’t that much of an atmosphere. He was good, but we soon got a bit bored so wandered off to see Pete Tong who was incredible. We were at the front, but to the side so we had loads of space to dance around in our rain macs, after a stop to the good old charging tree!

All in all, I’d say it was a very good weekend – apart from my minor blip on Sunday. I cannot thank Fiona enough for how understanding she was about everything, not that I expected anything different from her. She’s a star, and an excellent replacement Mum to listen and talk medical when my brain decides it doesn’t want to work!

I’d definitely go to another festival but I won’t be wearing a playsuit again because although it looked cute and I felt comfortable and confident in it, it was a right pain to try and sort Sally out in the middle of the day!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.48.10.png


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