26 August 2017


So after having a blast at V (despite the stabbing pains) I’ve been ill this last week so have been off of work.

I’m getting the stabbing pains on a nearly daily basis now, so I’m taking oramorph almost daily to even get out of bed some days because the pain is so bad. I’ve also lost my voice so combine that with the fact I feel away with the fairies, I haven’t been in to work as I’m not fit to do so.

IMG_2507I’ve not been alone all week though, it’s the summer holidays so my Mum is at home and she’s looking after me (as usual!) but my dog has also been keeping me company. My family has a springer spaniel, and just before I was admitted last year, she must have sensed that something was very wrong with me because she wouldn’t leave my side. When I was discharged she slept on my bed during the days and nudged me every now and then to see I was okay. She’s been doing the same this last week, and it’s the only time she’s ever slept on my bed, apart from if I’ve got food and she thinks she can have some!

I’ve had a couple of surprises today though. One of the girls from work popped round with a couple of presents for me as a get well gift because I’ve been off, and my best friend who lives in Basingstoke turned up with an orchid for me, my favourite flower. Both were completely unexpected and although I couldn’t talk to them much, I had made an effort and showered this morning for the first time since V so at least I smelt a bit nicer!

IMG_2514 IMG_2528

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