04 September 2017

IMG_2569Yesterday I got my partner in crime back from the USA!!

Ashley has been in America for the last few months and I saw her last night for the first time in what felt like years! I’ve been willing myself to get better and get my voice back all week because we were well over due a catch up.

IMG_2586.JPGSo we went to our usual dinner date place, North Hill Noodle Bar, had a couple of drinks then went to Yates for a few too many to drink. 

It was so good to see her again and hear all about her adventures in America over the summer. It looked like she was having a fab time from seeing all her pictures on Facebook but definitely sounded like she had a brilliant time too. 

My youngest sister Anna is a HUGE Little Mix fan. 

IMG_3518One day in the summer I got an email saying tickets were still available for their Norwich show. I’d tried to get tickets for a London date but they sold out so when I saw these I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Ashley is also a huge Little Mix fan, so I thought hey why not? And I bought four tickets for their show. However Ashley being in America, I had to tell her to keep the date free because I wasn’t sure if she’d be seeing family that weekend as it was her first weekend back in the UK. IMG_2599

So that was last night! It probably wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve ever had, going out when we’ve got a concert and a long day ahead of us but it was so fun and I had such a good weekend!

Whilst I was booking the Little Mix tickets I also booked tickets to see Ed Sheeran in May next year, in Dublin! His London dates had sold out so I tried Dublin and managed to get a couple of tickets so Ashley and I shall be heading there in May as well!IMG_3519

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