13 September 2017

IMG_2667I ended up in hospital again yesterday. 

I had the same stabbing pains on the left hand side of my tummy again, and I also had a stabbing pain behind my stoma, I felt really sick and my output was non existent so I thought there might be a blockage so it was back to my favourite place.

I was assessed in A&E and then waited in Majors to be seen by a member of the gastro team. It was the same old routine, pee in a pot to show I’m not pregnant, get pain relief, sit in a cubicle for a while, have bloods and an x-ray, both come back clear, wait to see a member of the gastro team. Naturally, it took them several attempts to get blood from me because my veins still suck.


This time it felt like they took me more seriously though because I had the pain behind my stoma. A few doctors felt around my stoma and told me that I would need to return in the morning and go to SAU (Surgical Assessment Unit) as they weren’t sure if there was a hernia behind my stoma. Obviously, my stoma itself is a hernia but they weren’t sure if a bit more of my intestine had come out of place and needed to be pushed back into the abdomen.

It was and anxious wait over night but was nice I could go home to my own bed and eat and drink again. 

My appointment was at 9am, nice and early! I still wasn’t seen till nearly 10am though. I fell asleep in the waiting room on my Dad’s shoulder because it was really bright and I could feel a migraine coming on. 

IMG_2663I was eventually called into a side room and I saw a doctor that I hadn’t seen since 29th November. I can’t remember exactly what his name is, because he always introduced himself to me as Alex, but I knew the doctor and I knew I liked him. He was the only doctor who had sat down and explained to me exactly what a total colectomy entailed and exactly what they would do to me when I was told I needed surgery last year.

Funnily enough, he remember me as well and told me I looked like I was doing well, apart form the fact we were meeting again. I hoped I looked better today than I did last time I saw him because last time we met I was either hours from dying or I was in intensive care – one of the two!

IMG_2665He felt my stoma and asked what the output was like and asked me describe the pain and he said the good news was that he didn’t think I had a parastomal hernia. But he was concerned about the other pains so poked my tummy and back a bit more. I didn’t think I had any back pain, however when he pressed where my kidneys are it was actually really sore and he said that the pains could be kidney stones which are common in IBD and in particular Colitis patients so he’s sending me for an ultrasound to check everything is okay with my kidneys.

He said the pains are either caused by kidney stones or bowel adhesions, and the lesser of the two evils was kidney stones. 

I asked what adhesions were and was told it’s scar tissue. When you have any sort of surgery, scars form. My surgery was very invasive and involved removing a huge internal organ so there was a chance I could have adhesions, although this was lowered by the fact my surgery was done laproscopically. 

But we’ll see what the ultrasound says.

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