21 – 28 October 2017


I’ve been looking forward to this holiday the whole year and now it’s finally here! It was originally booked back in February, when I was with my ex, and my parents invited him with us. HOWEVER, who needs a guy when your best friend is up for a week of antics in the sun!

IMG_0035This afternoon we went for a walk around the resort to see what there was / wasn’t to do. As it’s the last week of the season there isn’t much open here at all really, but as we waked along to the edge of the resort we found road sign pointing us in the direction of the beach. We decided to follow it because we already knew how to get to our hotel from the beach so off we went down the dirt track to the beach.

IMG_0046We went past a load of really nice looking hotels, but they were all empty with it being so late in the season. But eventually we found a smaller dirt track up a rock covered hill so we decided to give it a go and climb up it and the flag at the top. Nothing us prepared us for the views when we got to there though!

It was absolutely stunning, so we just sat there, on a rock for ages, taking in the scenery. It was so peaceful and everything looked untouched for miles around. We were able to work out where our hotel was (roughly) and were pretty surprised at how far we had actually walked. IMG_0042

Eventually though it got a bit too hot under the Zante sun and we decided to walk back to our hotel, but along the beach instead of through the town.

This afternoon the whole famalam decided to walk along the beach to see what was going on in the next resort along – Laganas! Ashley and I were sure we could find a few cocktail bars there to entertain ourselves.

The beaches in Zante are home to the nesting grounds of the Loggerhead Turtle (caretta caretta) and is one of the few beaches left unspoilt where they lay their eggs. We weren’t sure which part of the beach was the nesting ground but it soon became apparent it was the whole beach between the resorts.


When I was living in Turkey last year, I went to another nesting ground just near Dalyan and visited a turtle hospital and saw all the work do that the local community do to protect the species as much as they can so knowing I was excited to visit Zante and potentially see more turtles. 

Walking along the beach though the reality of the circle of life became apparent when we stumbled across a little turtle who hadn’t made it to the sea in time before sunrise. 

This little guy was so small, so tiny and didn’t get a proper chance at life. At first we thought it was a toy turtle as there was turtles advertised around resort but when we picked it up you could see the claws and pattern on the shell. Poor little guy.

IMG_0078So Lauren decided to try and bury him and we carried our adventure to Laganas. After a couple of minutes though it started to rain so we turned back towards the hotel and had a beer in the beach bar instead of continuing our adventure.

Another day, time for another walk. Today Ashley and I decided to go down to the beach for sunrise, which meant an early morning but it was definitely worth it. 

I’m pretty sure the staff at our hotel thought we were a couple and we must have looked like it sat on the sun beds watching the sunrise at half six in the morning but it was breathtaking. 


I’ve done a lot of thinking about life and surgery and things I’m grateful for so far this week, and sitting there on the beach just watching the sun rise made me realise how grateful I am that I can still experience things like this. At first I wasn’t really looking forward to the holiday as much as I had been because of breaking up with Callam, but now sat here typing this and on the beach it made me realise that I don’t need a guy when I’ve got my girl friends and my family by my side every step of the way.

IMG_0164A holiday tradition of ours is feeding the fish at the beach – which must have seemed a bit strange to Ashley but it’s something we’ve done every holiday since we went to Ibiza in 2005 / 2006. 

What we usually do is buy some bread from the shop, or take some from breakfast if we’re all inclusive and head down to beach and just break bits off and feed the fish. 

IMG_0187Lauren has a Go Pro so wanted to get some cool underwater pictures and videos, but Ashley and I just had our trusty iPhones and as the sea was a bit cold we just stayed on the beach and paddled and took photos like the tourists we were.

Adventure Two!

Today Ashley and I walked along the beach after breakfast to Laganas. It was such a nice walk but there wasn’t much when we got there. 

The resort would be buzzing in the summer and high season but all that was open was a couple of souvenir shops and a supermarket.

IMG_0189We decided to walk along the road on the way back and we went past the end of the runway at the airport and stood at the end as a plane landed. We knew we were close tot he airport as we had seen planes fly over the hotel each day by the pool, but how close we didn’t know. The runway was literally at the top of the main road from our hotel!

Today was our final day so we went on a boat trip around the bay to try and see some turtles in the sea. WHICH WE DID!

IMG_3202.jpgAs we were on the coach to the port the tour guide told us it was out of season so we probably wouldn’t see any turtles but we were lucky enough that we did.

Ashley and I sat upstairs on the boat and the rest of the family sat downstairs. But shortly after we set off Ashley and I relocated downstairs as well because there was a girl upa throwing up constantly. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve always been a bit travel sick and sea sick so my family were joking that it was me throwing up. Turns out, one hotel had either a bug going round or everyone had food poisoning because there were others from the same hotel who had been ill as well. 

IMG_3229.JPGI didn’t fancy taking the risk of getting a stomach bug so we ran downstairs and enjoyed the day there.

There was a couple of swim stops but I had a bit of a mini freak out. I know I’ve never been the strongest swimmer going, but I can tread water when I have to. As I was sat on the edge of the steps about to climb into the sea someone said the current was quite strong and I realised how the boat was rocking and I freaked out and started crying. I didn’t feel like I was strong enough to stay afloat and that scared me. 

IMG_3213.jpgI sat there crying to Ashley and Dad for a while but then I got in the sea and clung on to the steps and got out a couple of minutes after. 

I’m glad I got in the sea, because I know I would have regretted it if I didn’t but it scared me that I still didn’t feel strong enough and I know that’s something I need to work on. I was so ill this time last year, that the main priority was me putting weight on, but now I’ve realised that I’ve put the weight on and I need to work on building up more muscles and confidence so the next time I’m in that position, I can go in the sea and feel confident within my abilities.

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