30 April 2018

IMG_4836So I’ve been super quiet on here, again.

Again, I’m sorry.

I’ve not been feeling like I’ve had much to post about though to be honest. My life is just plodding on, same old, same old sort of thing. 

IMG_4823.jpgBUT, last weekend was my sisters 20th birthday and we went to Colchester Zoo and had a lemur zookeeper shadowing experience – and it was so much fun!!

There had been baby lemurs born a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t expect to see them at all, but as they were still clinging on to their mum’s, who were jumping all over us, we got very close views of them. 

IMG_4813We fed the lemurs, asked the keepers questions about them, they climbed all over us, we got plenty of sunshine and had such a good time. 

Between us three, (my sisters and I) we got loads of pictures so I could really do a whole post dedicated to lemur pictures, but here’s just a  few! We did see other animals as well, didn’t just spend the whole day looking at the lemurs!

We were really lucky that it was sunny, as the weather and been sunny all week but was expected to pour it down with rain on the day we were booked to go but thankfully it stayed beautifully sunny all day!

IMG_4912.jpg IMG_4845 IMG_4934.jpg

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