mesalazine – the generic name for one of the 5-aminosalicylic acid group of drugs; brands include asacol, ipocol, mesren, mezavant xl, pentasa, octasa and salofalk

mucus – a white jelly-like fluid produced by the lining of the intestines; people with UC may have a lot of mucus in their stools

nasogastric tube – a fine, flexible tube inserted through the nose which goes down to the stomach

pancolitis – inflammation of the entire colon

prednisolone – a corticosteroid drug used to reduce inflammation in IBD, it can be given in tablet form (usually 5mg doses), injection into the vein (through a cannula) or by an enema

rectal bleeding – any blood that passes out of the anus

rectum – the last part of the colon, before the anus