On Wednesday 30th November I had an emergency laparoscopic subtotal colectomy & ileostomy as I hadn’t responded to the different drugs the doctors had tried me on. My colon was still extremely inflamed and at risk of rupturing, which if it did the chances are extremely high that I would have died because every day the inflammation was getting worse, hence why I needed an emergency procedure.

I actually underwent two procedures in one. Colectomies and ileostomies can be done separately but the type of surgery I had meant I had to have them both done at the same time, and it reduces the risks of infection and going under another anaesthetic further down the line.

The surgery itself was a success (minus a few blips), all went according to plan and it can be “reversed” to a certain extent. Obviously I will never have a colon again, but part of the surgery can be “undone” to remove my stoma and as a result I would be able to go to the toilet “normally” again. However this is all further down the line once I’ve healed and recovered from the first lot of surgery.

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WARNING : some may find it gross, but this is my blog and my life so I’m not holding back.

As previously mentioned, my ileostomy can be reversed if I would like it to be. This is because at the time of my original surgery, my rectum was left in tact as the colitis was just in my colon at the time. 

At first I was under the impression I wouldn’t have to make this decision for a number of years after my first surgery, however it is now 4 months since my ileostomy and this is something I need to consider.

When I was in hospital I was given the impression that reversing my stoma would be as simple as literally putting my ileum back inside then stitching it back to my rectum, meaning my digestive system would end at my anus once again.

However, this is not an option now as the colitis is now in my rectum, meaning I’m back in a  flare. This means that several times a day I need to go to the toilet and pass blood and mucus from my back passage, sometimes with not very much notice. As a result, I need to have my rectum removed – but this surgery is simply to improve the quality of my life, not save it, so when I have the surgery is up to me (within reason).

There are two options available to me.

  • Removal of my rectum and creating a new one out of part of my small  intestineknown as a J Pouch. The pouch would then be connected to my anus, thus reversing my stoma.
  •  Removing my rectum, stitching my anus up and therefore making my stoma permanent.

Both options are explained in a bit more detail on the other pages, feel free to read about them and I’ll keep you updated with my decision!